What Does I.T. Really Cost Small Business?

Understanding Your I.T. Costs

If you are in business, then you have an IT budget. No matter how big or small it may be, without IT you aren’t in business.

Basic services like your email, calendar, accounting system and maybe even your phone system are all tied to IT. So essentially, if your IT goes down, your business goes with it and therefore having your technology safe and secure isn’t a nice to have, but an organizational necessity.

A lot of business leaders and executives question their IT expenses and constantly seek to find ways to reduce the costs. However, a better question may be…

Is I.T. a cost or a profit generator for a business. And in just about any business, I would weigh it to be more the latter than the former. Of course this depends on making the right investments and having it run by the right people.

But before we make any final decisions on whether I.T. makes us money, saves us money, does both or just costs us money, let’s look at where the IT budget goes.

Considering All of your I.T. Expenses

As an exercise, take a minute and write down how much you invest annually on each of these items. To make this most effective I would right down dollars allocated and then take a few minutes for time allocated. A lot of business owners don’t attribute any cost to things that they personally do for the business, but this means they aren’t valuing their time and in Small Business, time is money.

So here you go with the list.

IT Staff and Support $__________
Domain Hosting $__________
Exchange $__________
Security $__________
Backup and Disaster Recovery $__________
Hardware $__________
Software $___________
Cloud Software, Hosting and Applications $__________
Other $___________
Now take a minute and tally this up and there you have the real “Investment” in I.T. But ask yourself this question, without all of these IT capabilities, how would my business run? Takes it back to the beginning of this post doesn’t it? Since we have probably determined at this point the business wouldn’t run too well at all.

So now that we feel safe in saying that the I.T. is a necessity and that it really is a profit generator. How is it that you plan to make sure that the I.T. is running like a well oiled machine?

With so much riding on your systems, the smartest thing that we can do is make sure that your entire I.T. operation is managed and supported to be as available as your business needs to be.

How Would your Business Run if your I.T. Systems Went Down?

If you have any doubt about just how important your I.T. is to your business, then take a moment and try to run your business without it.

But for those that already know that their operation, clients and growth are depending on their systems running like a well oiled machine, the only question should be, is my technology in good hands? And while as a business owner you may think that your hands are the right hands, I’d be willing to be that there are far better ways to spend your time rather than resetting email passwords and removing viruses?

The bottom line is, well, the bottom line and unless your business is built to manage and run networks, then the best use of your time is focused on doing what your business does best and invest in I.T. resources that allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your systems will be there when you need them.