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Can A Day Pass Without A Pile of Useless Spam?

If you are at all like us, some days we can hardly stand getting the mail.  With such a massive shift toward electronic content, everything from important business communications to customer payments come in electronically.

Our physical mailbox has seemingly become a holding ground for direct marketers to bombard us with coupons for discounted donuts and cheap chimney sweeps.

However, since every once in a while something shows up in our mailbox that matters, we have to go out and get the mail every day just to make sure today isn’t that day.

Over the past few years a similar nuisance has come about in our email boxes.  Considering the sacred relationships most of us have with our inboxes, we are looking at them far more often than we are our physical mailboxes.  The bad news here is that the junk and spam have infiltrated our email boxes now too.

It is as if we cannot get away from Spam.

Heck, now even our Facebook pages are littered with promotions and sponsored content that we don’t want to see. Much of it disguised as content that may be important to us.

Bottom line is marketers are getting more sophisticated and it is making it really hard for us to tell when we are getting items we want and when we are getting things we don’t want.

Either way, life would be better if at the very least our work inbox can be spam-free.

Moving Spam Management to the Cloud?

Did you know that in the time it took you to read this sentence that 20 million emails were sent? (Link to)

Yep, this is true. Some 144 billion emails are sent out every day and a whopping 87% of them are spam.

If you are in the business of getting things done and not sorting through your spam then maybe what you need is a secret weapon?

While there are definitely expensive hardware based filters for managing spam, they are generally technical in nature and require a certain amount of expertise to run.

A really sound option for many businesses today is moving their Spam Management to the Cloud.

With a simple to use subscription model, your business can detect more than 97% of all spam, quarantine it and give individual users the ability to manage their spam folder.

It even includes a perimeter spam to make sure the most obvious forms of spam never get to your mail server let alone your inbox.

Compatible with email boxes of all types (Imap, Pop3, SMTP), a cloud based solution can deliver spam squashing results to just about any mail server.

So why deal with spam? Beyond the wasted time trying to sift through what is important vs. what isn’t, why not just eliminate it all together with an affordable, flexible cloud based spam solution?

To learn more about HD Spam stop by our site or give one of our team members a call.  We’d love to help end your spam problems once and for all.

cloud computing
cloud computing

Spam are everywhere is will never end, a strategy that companies use in advertising their products and services.  I think it's best to come out with a system that will simply identify spam emails and directly put them to junk to be deleted asap.  Or better yet an email system that does not accept spam emails will be great..