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7 Ways Cloud VoIP Will Drive Business Productivity

When you lead a small business, you try to make financial decisions as carefully as possible. The intention is to spend wisely on the investments you make into your business; aspiring to see each one pay off in the journey toward meeting your business objectives.

Does this sound like you?

One area where small business spending is well justified is technology. There is a direct connection between enhancing your company’s technology and increasing business productivity. As we all know, the more productive we are, the more revenue and profit our businesses can create. And of all the technologies that can help create such productivity, perhaps none are more directly capable than your phone system.

However, just a “Phone System” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Technology has changed too much and having phones that ring are no longer the means to a more productive business. With the emergence of new communication technology through Cloud Based VoIP Systems, your business can see immediate increased collaboration, worker satisfaction and productivity.

Here are 7 Ways that Cloud Based VoIP can help your business accomplish more:


  1. More Connected: A cloud based VoIP system allows employees and customers to stay better connected. With options for unlimited phone numbers, simple auto-attendants and a plethora of voicemail features (even voice to email), businesses, their employees and customers can be better connected than with traditional phone systems.
  2. More Collaborative: Beyond just being connected, what about getting more done? With easy to execute multi-way bridges, teams can get together and get work done without requiring special dial-in bridges and expensive collaboration services.
  3. Professional Appearance: In today’s online world, small can appear big very easily thanks to responsive web design and social media. However, it doesn’t matter how great your website looks if a customer calls you and it sounds like they have reached a basement operation. With Cloud VoIP you can have a professional sounding auto-attendant and a plethora of other options that allow your business to appear big, no matter how small.
  4. Scalable: Perhaps your business is only a few people today. But what about tomorrow when you double, triple or quadruple your employee size? Can your analog phone system easily keep up? Usually the answer would be no. However, with a Cloud Based VoIP system, you can grow as large as you want to, have as many locations as needed, and your phone system will always grow right along side you.
  5. Mobile Options: We are more tethered to our mobile devices than ever before. Some small businesses even exclusively use mobile devices. But the best of both worlds is a professional phone system that can move calls to your mobile device. With a cloud based VoIP solution you can forward your desk phone calls right to your mobile so you never miss anything that hits your office or your cell.
  6. Reduced Management Costs: Do you have a premise based phone solution? Who on your team manages the system and troubleshoots the issues? Chances are your small business doesn’t want to have a person on staff to do so, and if you outsource this kind of support it can be very expensive when you need it. A Cloud solution can eliminate this type of support all together and allow you to get back to focusing on your business rather than fixing your technology.
  7. Affordable: Does it sound expensive to have a professional, scalable and state of the art phone system? It doesn’t have to be. In fact in many cases it is less than a traditional old-school phone system. For a low-monthly expense, you can have the technology and capabilities your business needs to be more productive.

Businesses that are more connected are going to deliver better customer experiences. And when your customers are happy, you are on the way to achieving more of your business goals.

With an affordable cloud based VoIP solution your business will be more productive than ever before.

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