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HDcloud: Cloud Data Center Driving Businesses Forward

It is no longer even a debate whether the Information Technology assets of a business are important.

We know they are important because from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed your business in some capacity is running.

Websites, email, social media, accounting software, marketing automation and many more programs run 24/7/365 whether you are at the office or on vacation.

This shifting landscape from hours of operations to around the clock business has only increased a businesses dependency on technology and has raised the bar for making sure that your IT Systems are running smooth (Link to help desk)

Raising an important question for business owners and IT Managers.  Where are your most important information technology assets right now?

If your answer is in an IT closet somewhere in your office then perhaps it is time we have a conversation.

For many years, a business could run with some intermittent technology issues.  Server goes down, no problem! We are running applications locally so we can just back them up later.

Today, the server is where the applications live and employees are more distributed than ever before meaning that when the server goes down, so does your business.

Depending on what applications you are running local, an outage can bring down everything from your accounting package to your website and many productivity tools in between.  This type of outage would be devastating if it was to last more than a couple of hours.  Knowing this, what is your plan?

Moving Assets To The Cloud For Improved Reliability

If there are a couple of things we have learned after nearly a decade serving businesses IT, it is that there is no such thing as fool proof; computers, servers, phones, and printers all fail at some point so we take it upon ourselves to help our customers to reduce failures as much as possible.

This is the precise reason we believe strongly in businesses utilizing cloud to host their servers and run their applications.

By moving your important IT assets to the cloud you are placing your equipment into an environment that is optimized for keeping technology in working order.  Specifically, these environments are built to a standard to support required temperature and cleanliness.

Another tremendous benefit to moving your technology assets to the cloud is the technical support that comes along with it.  When updates need to be made or when something does go wrong, there are “hands” within immediate reach of your equipment, which allows the healing process to start sooner.

We understand that many of our customers aren’t technology experts, but they are highly dependent upon technology to run their businesses.   It is with this in mind that we so strongly advise our customers to consider the cloud as a way to remove the distraction of keeping their technology up and running.

The way we see it, your business runs around the clock and by embracing what the cloud can do for healthier more dependable technology deployments, you will be able to see it too!

Has your business considered what cloud can do to make your technology more dependable?