About Us

You know that stereotype most people have of IT professionals? How we all wear glasses, attend Star Trek conventions in full gear, and live in our parents’ basement taking webinars on how to converse with real people? Yeah, we hate it. We’re out to smash it. And after we smash it, we’ll sweep up all the little shards, put them in a cylinder duct taped to the outside of a space shuttle, and send it to the moon. That’s not us!

We are the un-IT professionals. It starts with our screening practices. Every specialist TheHelpDesk.com employs is vetted as much for personality, likeability and professionalism as they are for mad tech skills. This makes it a little easier for you, when comparing apples to apples, to take into account that in addition to having competent, qualified, certified men and women working here, we’re also friendly! And approachable! With – are you ready for this? -- good listening skills! All of a sudden, we’re talking apples to oranges. Possibly even to pineapples or watermelons. Whichever fruit, the point is we’re really different from everyone else in this regard. But it’s this difference that gives us the edge.

Set up a consultation with TheHelpDesk.com today and get to know us for yourself before you make a final decision.

Our Mission

To provide, our clients and their employees, the best IT support possible, while being the best place in the world for our employees, and partners to work and thrive.

Our Goal

To leverage our talents, passion, and technology to help our clients and our employees actualize their own goals and dreams – while delivering happiness with everything we do!

Our Vision

To build the biggest and best IT services company in the states. We will achieve the highest level of quality by leveraging the Starbucks model: quality through many small offices. We will deliver peace of mind with integrity.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity - Do what we say we’ll do without fail.
  • Consistency - Deliver a consistent experience to our clients and to co-workers, allowing them control over their destiny.
  • Passion - Put heart and mind in our work to get the best out.
  • Accountability - Take responsibility for any actions that influence the lives of our clients and fellow workers.
  • Character over Intelligence - Although a certain level of intellect is required in our industry, character ultimately allow us to build a great company.
  • Innovation - Work towards new creative ideas that have the potential to change our industry and even the world.
  • Compassion - We’re all in this together. Be kind.