HDSpam - Hosted Spam
Filtering Solution

With global spam rates reaching ~87% due to massive botnets capable of spewing millions of messages per hour, email and security providers are faced with bloated bandwidth and deteriorating customer satisfaction. Commtouch Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology protects against spam outbreaks in real-time as messages are mass distributed over the Internet.

HDSpam is a premium replacement for your normal spam filter that adds an extra layer of protection against annoying, offensive and time-wasting unsolicited email.

Below is the list of comprehensive features bundled into this robust spam filter platform.

  • -- Rated #1 in detection accuracy.
  • -- 97% detection rate.
  • -- Low false positives - less than 1 in 1.5 million reported.
  • -- Perimeter protection - blocks spam before it reaches the mail server.
  • -- Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Detection complements traditional AV to shield against new malware outbreaks.
  • -- Complete global solution - protects against all types of spam with any content, in any location, format or language including image-based and double-byte languages.
  • -- Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • -- Quarantines for each mailbox enable users to manage their own spam folders without having to track down an administrator.
  • -- Personal Passlists enable users to designate specific email addresses as ""trusted"" without having to bother the IT staff.
  • -- Image-based filtering scans images within emails to stop this new pervasive spamming technique.
  • -- POP, IMAP & SMTP support.
  • -- Reports give a comprehensive view of the spam on your network, including the source of the spam, ham-to-spam ratios, trending and stats per user.