Healthcare Industry is one of the leading providers for HealthCare IT in North Texas. With years of experience and all the latest training, we can mold a solution to your needs while focusing on security for you and your clients. We have partnered with the very best vendors in the market to bring you an end-to-end solution.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Did you know that if a HIPAA violation occurs at your practice , YOU can be who takes the blame? Did you know you can lose your license, be fined up to $250,000 (per incident), or even face jail time?!

Healthcare Consulting

The most important aspect when talking security and patient safety is protecting the weakest link. The majority of the time that weak link, is you and your employees. Let us come in and spend some time analyzing, not only your network but your processes, to make sure that every aspect is safe and secure. Do you use Instant Messaging? Not HIPAA compliant. Do you use Flash Drives? Not HIPAA compliant. Hopefully that you see this as a warning and that you need us to come in immediately.

Healthcare Managed Services

Keys to a secure network and HIPAA compliant practice:

  • Operations: We will walk in your office, sit in the corner and just watch, inspecting every piece to make sure that at no point, you have been at risk of violating the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act.
  • Computers: Are your computers patched? I bet you donít even know, do you? Let us run our scan and make sure. Whether its patches, Antivirus, Antimalware, or the newest production programs on the market, we will identify the possible areas of vulnerabilities.
  • Network: After scanning the network over and over, we will make sure all security holes are filled and that all equipment is up to par. The security of the network starts and ends at the Firewall and works down from there. See our Network section for all you need to know about a secure network
  • EMR/EHR: Let us plan a Electronic Medical/Health Records migration, we will have vendors lined up to show you the newest products and technologies. We will make sure your migration is seamless and painless. Want tablets? Just ask!
  • User training

Please contact to discuss your specific HIPAA or Healthcare needs.