Network Security

Just for grins, think of one thing (and only one) you’d grab on the way out the office door during an emergency. We’ll go out on a limb and guess you thought of something like your laptop, mobile device or portable hard drive. That’s what we’d grab! (If you said a red stapler, step away from the Office Space DVD.)

It’s a scary reality how beholden to technology we are, especially on a professional level. Very little business gets done without it. So keeping infrastructure, hardware and software assets safe and secure – whether from viruses, hackers, malware or acts of God – has got to be your top priority. We know it’s ours.

We can help ensure everything is safe and sound with Network Security services including:

Managed Network Security

Trying to stay at least one step ahead of threats to valuable technology can make one feel a bit like a corporate James Bond. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal Q Branch to help protect you from the daily assaults by enemy agents like hackers, spammers, malicious traffic and more? is your Q, with all the nifty gadgets and intelligence you could possibly need to minimize any infiltrations. Plus we’re quick with the occasional martini, shaken and not stirred, after a particularly harrowing day.

We offer many weapons for your fight against evil including but not limited to:

  • Detection, destruction and prevention of malware with HDLive Antimalware
  • Protection for work stations and servers from dangerous attacks and malicious software with HDLive Antivirus
  • Customizable firewalls
  • Immediate security updates
  • Perimeter security
  • Web content filtering
  • Secured Wi-Fi
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Disaster Recovery

Downtime is great for people. For businesses, not so much.

Should a site catastrophe or hardware/server failure strike your business, would you be prepared for the potential loss of productivity and – insert dramatic gasp here -- data? If you paused for even a second to answer that, you should really consider bringing in to shore up any weaknesses, known and unknown.

To help ensure business continuity, we offer a full range of disaster recovery services for information systems, including:

  • Complete server and disk imaging
  • Desktop and laptop data backup and recovery
  • Fully automated off-site replication
  • Rapid restoration of servers, files and email
  • Universal restores that are hardware independent
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