Salesforce CRM

Has your sales team been begging you to bring in the reinforcements? They work so hard, following up on leads and landing new customers for you. But they can only take the relationships so far. Show them your appreciation for what they do by investing in CRM tools that will help to service and nurture these existing relationships, while generating even more leads for them to follow. is a robust, proven relationship management tool, and it’s our go-to in CRM software. Not only can we implement this solution for you, but we can teach you how to use it to get the maximum ROI possible.

Salesforce Implementation Services

While every Salesforce implementation will be different, some aspects of it will always look the same no matter what.

First, your THD team facilitates delivery using a developed and tested implementation process. We start by gaining insights into your business and competition. Then we listen to and work with the appropriate internal audiences (end users, departments, executives), building consensus and synergy to ensure buy in and adoption companywide. Then it’s go time.

Included with every installation will be:

  • Defined workflows to enable business process automation
  • Application customization
  • Data migration and integration
  • Reporting and dashboard customization
  • Phased rollout plan
  • User training

Ultimately, the results will speak for themselves in the form of shorter sales cycles, reduced costs and higher close rates.

Please contact to discuss your specific Salesforce implementation requirements.

Salesforce Administrator Services

In the long run, you may find you don’t have the bandwidth internally to sustain and enforce the day-to-day administration of your powerful, newly installed CRM tool. That’s okay, because does!

Taking the CRM strategy, business process and objectives determined during the implementation phase, our team (which is really your team) will build on those guidelines in providing any post-implementation support. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • Remote on-demand or onsite administrator
  • Customer service
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Custom application development
  • Proactive audits and enhancements

Please contact to discuss your specific Salesforce administration requirements.