Our Services

If you run a business of any size, then you’ll agree -- technology is your friend. Well, except for the days it’s not. From time to time, it can end up working against you. And when it does, productivity and efficiency go out the window, along with any remaining patience. On those days, you just need to find your happy place, stat! And to find a reliable, professional IT support resource -- might we add a calm and personable, too -- to step in, troubleshoot and get technology working for you again.

On those days, TheHelpDesk.com is your friend.

Maybe you already have a dedicated in-house IT services manager but think it would be nice to have extra hands -- and brains -- on deck for larger tasks like backups and security upgrades or disaster recovery. Maybe employing a full-time IT services manager doesn’t make sense right now, but you still need to have a trusted partner who understands your business at the ready for both the routine and the unexpected. In either event, TheHelpDesk.com is here with a full menu of professional IT services (for both Windows and Mac) to help you find -- and stay in -- your happy place. Go with an entire suite of them or just a select few -- we’ll charge you one flat monthly rate for whatever it is you need.